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Born of Flesh Booklet Cover
Born of Flesh

BORN OF FLESH:   – Most Christians believe that Jesus was born of a virgin birth. But when one looks at all biblical prophecies concerning the Messiah and the books of the New Testament, a virgin birth is not supported.

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Joseph, Father of Jesus, by the Seed of David Booklet Cover
Joseph, Father of Jesus, by the Seed of David

JOSEPH, FATHER OF JESUS, BY THE SEED OF DAVID:   This booklet will cause much controversy, such that many people will close their mind to the reading of its content. It shows and proves that Joseph descended from the seed of David and has many biblical verses which prove that Joseph was the natural father, by the flesh, to the Christ of God, the man, Jesus of Nazareth.

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Purification Booklet Cover

PURIFICATION:   Among the Jews, purification rites were, for many different reasons. Why did Mary, the motherof Jesus, have to go through the rite of purification if Jesus was conceived by a virgin birth and she remained a perpetual virgin? The purification rite for women, after giving birth, was for the showing of blood. Women were forbidden from attending any sacred rite until her purification had ended.

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Roots Booklet Cover

ROOTS:   The Old Testament continuously speaks about the coming of the Messiah, and tells us from out of whose loins (seed) he would come. None of the writers of the New Testament deny this truth. The error, of those people who do not know the Jewish thoughts about the Messiah, is due to the lack of study of the Old Testament text which shows the attributes of God's chosen.

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Swaddled Booklet Cover

SWADDLED:   At the time of Jesus' birth the term "wrapped in swaddling clothes" was used from ancient times. Christians today may not know that to be swaddled had special significance attached to it: it was not just an act of covering a new born child. This booklet explains this special covering of a new born and what it's meaning was. 

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The Overshadowing of the Holy Spirit Booklet Cover
The Overshadowing of the Holy Spirit

THE OVERSHADOWING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:   Present day Christianity has no knowledge of the understanding as to how the Jews and early Oriental Christians viewed the birth of sons, especially the first born. Children, to the Orientals, were a gift from God: that the Spirit of God participated in the development of the child.

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The Women in Matthew's Genealogy Booklet Cover
The Women in Matthew's Genealogy

THE WOMEN IN MATTHEW'S GENEALOGY:   The genealogy of Jesus in the book of Matthew mentions the names of four women. Some critics of Matthew's genealogy have suggested all kinds of explanations for the appearance of these women. Some have had the audacity to try and use the names of these women to try and discredit Matthew's genealogy.

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