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Obedience Booklet Cover

OBEDIENCE:   What does obedience mean to a Christian? Does it entail simply confessing you are a Christian to others or is there more to it? For our salvation, it is important to know what it means to be obedient.

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Prayer Booklet Cover

PRAYER:   Discussion of the purpose of prayer, the manner in which to pray, when to pray and the power of prayer.

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Read the Scriptures Diligently Booklet Cover
Read the Scriptures Diligently

READ THE SCRUPTURES DILIGENTLY:   To be a Christian, is it necessary to study and understand the Scriptures or can we just believe what the church we belong to tells us to believe? Does the Bible require knowledge of the Scriptures in order to be saved?

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Two Laws and One Testimony Booklet Cover
Two Laws and One Testimony

TWO LAWS AND ONE TESTIMONY:   The New Testament tells us that the 'old law' that was against us was nailed to the cross when Jesus was crucified but what law was it talking about? We look at the Mosaic Laws, the Ten Words of God and the testimony of Jesus and see which laws were nailed to the cross.

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