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A Symbol of Shame Booklet Cover
A Symbol of Shame

A SYMBOL OF SHAME:   Most people in Christianity today give reverence to the cross. This symbol through all the ages has been worshipped by the heathen. The Romans used the cross as an instrument to put the lowly and slaves to death. We are instructed in scripture not to worship or give reverence to any material objects.

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Jesus' Trial Accusation and the Route to the Skull Booklet Cover
Jesus' Trial Accusation and the Route to the Skull

JESUS' TRIAL ACCUSATION AND THE ROUTE TO THE SKULL:   Have you ever wondered why Jesus was put to death? We know the Romans carried out the crucifixion because they were the only ones during that period that could put any one to death. But, the Romans would not put any one to death unless it was done by Roman law. find out the charges that were levied against Jesus for his sentence of crucifixion.

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Patibulum Booklet Cover

PATIBULUM:   Was there a cross-piece attached to the stake (crux) that Jesus was crucified upon? You will be surprised at the amount of biblical and historical evidence there is to show what type of cross Jesus died upon. And, it shows how particular the Romans were in executing prisoners sentenced by trial.

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The Flagrum Booklet Cover
The Flagrum

THE FLAGRUM:   When the scourging of Jesus is spoken about, it is usually in a casual manner. Scourging was part of any Roman judicial system for those found guilty of charges against them. Most people today do not realize the severity of the punishment inflicted upon condemned persons by the Romans. This booklet gives you some insightint what Jesus suffered.

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The Sedile Booklet Cover
The Sedile

THE SEDILE:   Most writings and art pieces portray Jesus during his crucifixion resting upon a seat (sedile). This booklet explains why there would not have been a peg or any form of a seat attached to the stake.

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Xulon Booklet Cover

XULON:   In Christianity, there is controversy as to what type of cross Jesus died upon. Certain groups claim Jesus died upon an ordinary stake. Claiming to support their view in the instance of Jesus' crucifixion, the Greek word "xulon" means an upright "torture stake". Find out the true meaning of this word.

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