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I Am That I Am Booklet Cover
I Am That I Am

I AM THAT I AM:   In many parts of the scriptures, we are given many words to express the omnipotence of God (YHVH), such as the Rock, the Almighty, the Eternal, the Everlasting, the Holy One and numerous other words describing God's Omnipotence. This booklet explains the interpretation of the words "I AM THAT I AM".

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One God Booklet Cover
One God

ONE GOD:   All through the Old Testament, we read there is but one God (YHVH) of the universe. One Omnipotent, YHVH, whom only we should worship. Jesus taught those who followed him, always to glorify the Father, YHVH. Today, people have made Jesus, literally, into God. The scriptures speak of his glory as he who has the privilege to sit at the right hand of God's throne.

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The Tetragrammaton Booklet Cover
The Tetragrammaton 

THE TETRAGRAMMATON:   This word comes from the Greek "tetragrammon", which means "a word of four letters" (the consonants of God's name. the vowels had been removed by the Jews long ago, believing it to be too sacred for anyone to speak. The pronunciation, in time, became lost.

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The Word God Booklet Cover
The Word God

THE WORD GOD:   There is no doubt that in the Christian faith, the word god is not looked at in biblical verses in its proper context. The problem is that the true definition of the word is misunderstood: though a noun, it is not a proper noun. The word God is not the name of our heavenly Father.

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